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Lighthouse Healthcare
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residential & nursing
home industry.

Now we can offer
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Maintenance and Repair

Keeping your services and equipment in tip-top condition is an essential part of offering a quality residential or nursing experience.  Often it can be the little things that really matter to a resident – a creaky bed, or uncomfortable wheelchair.  That’s the difference between them being happy or not. But things can so easily be put right.

Staff matter too

For nursing staff, different things may matter – but they are equally important. Hoists that aren’t efficient, or wheelchairs that are wobbly or stiff.  Perhaps lifting gear or bathroom accessories that make things uncomfortable or downright embarrassing for residents… and put a strain on the staff’s physical abilities.

Let us help

Frequently all these things can be sorted with a little servicing and repair work. And once you’ve got everything on-track, it’s a simple matter to keep them there with a routine maintenance contract with Lighthouse Healthcare.

Relax with routine maintenance

Take the weight off your mind - and off your colleagues’ backs.  Talk to Lighthouse about a routine maintenance contract, to keep your equipment in excellent condition, meeting the legal requirements and your own health and safety obligations.

NOTE: LOLER testing – needs to be carried out every 6 months. Let us build this into your maintenance contract, to save you money.